Corporate Talks

Give your team a powerful message that motivates peak performance and explore new possibilities

"The only limits you have on your business are the ones you put there yourself. Great organizations are willing to constantly challenge the status quo" - Ian Aman


Ian Aman is a gifted speaker, endurance coach and creative thinker, who has over 22 years of corporate experience. He has lead high performing teams across multiple markets with expertise in Leadership, Innovation, Coaching, Financial Industry, Athletics and Entrepreneurship. 


Bringing a diverse and deep skillset, Ian will make your next corporate event one to remember. Your team will be equipped, encouraged and inspired!


  • Building a culture of excellence

  • Reimagining possibilities 

  • How to be agile through adversity

  • Finding your true potential

  • Mental health awareness

  • Building your team wellness

Thank your team...

With the gift of Ian's powerful book "Soul Runner" Ask us about discounted priced for multiple copy purchases.